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PostSubject: MAYANK ANAND @ BBC LIVE   Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:49 pm

Production stalk limited.......

Brought to you by: BBC live


Host for the night: Sareeta Mahogani
Guest for tonight: Mayank Anand

* You lived in Chicago since childhood. Tell me something about the place...I heard its beautiful.

< Well, the place has it own natural beauty like anyother place but what I loved the most is the hospitality of the people. I had a neighbour, Abby, she was like my mother and trust me on this one, she loved me like God...always making cookies and sponge cakes and sending them over. I miss those days a lot.

* What made you come to India?

< I was fully convinced about taking up anchoring as my career but getting started in Chicago is tough. You have to go through a lot of phases before steping up there and saying, "Hey everyone! Welcome!". One of my friends cum brother suggested I move to India and look for a job. And wallah! I'm here.

* Is India able enough to win the heart of Mayank Anand?

< Definitely! Now I feel that I've reached my final destination. India has given me this stage and the industry has given me this screen and all the popularity one could hopefully achieve in his long lasting life. Now, i think that my mission is accomplished.

* What the difference between Chicago and India?

< There is no vivid difference but I do miss the food and the beautiful people I met back there.

* Tell me something about your family.

< My family? Okay..um....there's my mom and my little brother. Dad occasionally hopes into the list but else its just the three of us.

* What's your passion?

< Sweaters and jackets. That's why I adore winter. I have uncountable number of sweater and definitely hundred to two hundred jackets.

* What's your hobby?

< Reading books and sleeping. I love sleeping as much as I love cooking. I am an experimental chef. I go for traditional international cuisines. Some of them taste really good but others taste odd......but edible.

* And writing?

< Oh..yeah! That's there always.


* You are a foodie right?

<Oh..yes! I love eating. I have to eat eery three hours. I don't care what it is, Ijust need to crunch and munch.

* What's your favourite cuisine?

< Continental and Thai.

*What do you have for the all the four main meals of the day?

< For breakfast, I go for any kind of cereals. I usually have to lunch outdoors because I have to shoot. Its either dry fruits and salads or if I'm at home, its dal and sabzi with brown rice and dry salads to go go with it. I generally indulge in food during the evening. A hamburgar or pastas and french fries are what I like. Dinner its the same with some editing, like rotis with rajma chawal and a piece of fish.

* What do you generally eat when going out with friends?

< Pastas, pizzas and french fries are a must. And adding to it are choppings halua and gottimon mason.

* What's your signature dish?

< Once I made this Mexicon dish comprising of nachos, peanut butter, and boiled potatoes. I didn't know what I was doing until my brother tasted it and said, 'Wow! That's original'. Slowly, I started developing it by adding sour cream and hot sauce and lemon garlics. And it became a mess but a tasy one. I called it, 'Maymess'.

* What's your ideal drink

< Ginger ale and bear, the hot ones.

* Are you a sweet tooth?

< I love sweets and ice-creams are my favourites. There's not a day when I don't smug up ice-creams but generally the ones which have low fat. But yes! I am a sweet tooth.


ACTOR? Shah Rukh Khan
ACTRESS? Natalie Portman...she's amazing
MOVIE? Taxi Driver
SINGER? Maddona
POPSTAR? Beyonce Knowles
SOAP? Dill mill Gaye
FAVOURITE PERSON? Mom and little bro
DREAM DATE? Natalie Portman


* How would you want your life partner to be like?

< She must have a outspoken attitude and should be able to cope up with the most difficult situations. Moreover, she should be spunky,go-geter and should have her head on her shoulders. She need not look pretty but have an extrovert outlook.

* The love of life.....

< Don't really matter...I believe if they can...why can't we?

* This may turn out to be quite absurd but if you were given a choice betwen wisdom and strength, which one would you go for?

< Um..both are quite important, especially for a man. But it so happens that I have already got wisdom, so why not strength.


We have a special guest waiting backstage for you. Apparently, he has been with you since childhood. Let see if you know him.

<Ek hint to de doh.

Okay......he has been to the same Writing school with you and calls you 'mestro mayank'.

[A wide smiles appears on Mayank's face]

Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome, Shatrughna Sinha.


* Mayank and you have been friends for a long time....what is it that you feel bonds this beautiful friendship?

// Well...to be honest...everything...I find Mayank very talented and charming and I'm glad that we met. He is the one person I know that would never let me fall back no matter what.

< I think that the reason for this close connection is that we reallyunderstand each other. We really know when to act and do what and I think that is the exact reason for this bond.

* Your experiences must have left you with memento........

// oh.....ofcourse...tell her Mayank...
< About what?
//That incident at the new year party at Cathy's restaurent....
<Oh...yes!...well...once We both were invited by a friend for a new year party at Cathy's restaurent, Chicago. We loved the big chocolate cake but we did not know about the surprise which was hidden inside it. Just as we took a piece, boom! Crackers pieces and streamers popped out of it and we were covered with chocolate cream.

* What charms you the most Shatrughna?

//The fact that I share my name with a superstar..(laughs)

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PostSubject: Re: MAYANK ANAND @ BBC LIVE   Fri Mar 13, 2009 7:53 pm

wow!! dat was amazing!!! luved it a lot!! thnx a ton for posting!!


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