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PostSubject: HAPPY B'DAY JENNIFER   Sat May 30, 2009 8:51 pm

Happy Birthday, Jennifer!

Jennifer Winget turns 24 today and the actress, who stars as Dr. Ridhima on Dil Mil Gaye (Star One), does not plan to begin celebrating today. In fact, she's already begun. She's been partying for the last four days and hopes to continue till tomorrow too.

The gorgeous Jennifer has taken two days off from work to help her cope with her party animal ways. She explains, "My birthday celebrations began on Tuesday. My close friends have been taking me out for dinner and giving me loads of lovely gifts since that day. It's been a really sweet gesture from all of them. They started on Tuesday and plan to continue till Sunday!"

Every year, Jennifer celebrates her birthday with her family and friends. She tells us, "My parents surprise me every birthday in a very special way. Before I wake up or if I am out then before I get back home, my entire room is decorated beautifully with flowers. That's really sweet of them. Occasionally, I even go out of town with my friends on my birthday."

Winget says she is a true Gemini and shares a majority of the sun sign's characters, adding, "I am very moody just like a pure Gemini and I am also very selective when it comes to making friends. I have very few friends in the industry too but those who are my friends, I trust them blindly. I also have a dual personality."

The actress is deeply religious and plans to spend some time in prayer on her big day, saying, "I have firm belief in Jesus. I don't manage to go to church often as it is too far away from my house but yes, we do say prayers at my place on my birthday."

Jennifer adds that she is "very impatient when it comes to getting gifts. Hence I told my friends well in advance that the gifts should start coming in before my birthday. I've already got many gifts as a result: flowers, a neckpiece and the best one, which is an iPhone!"

Lastly, television's Dr. Ridhima signs off by leaving a sweet message for her friends, family and fans, saying, "I want to thank all my family and friends for making my birthday so special. Thanks to all my fans for all their love, blessings and best wishes. It's really overwhelming that they all remember my birthday every year and never fail to wish me."

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PostSubject: Re: HAPPY B'DAY JENNIFER   Wed Jun 03, 2009 2:32 pm

happy b'day jennifer!!
and starting celebrating b'day four days in adnvance!! lol....too gud!


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